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Quality reaps rewards

  • Greater product reliability using the control loop principal
  • Outstanding easy user interface usability
  • Orientated to suit you – from individual modules to a complete solution

How we support you to fulfill the industry specific requirements

The most important advantages from the iqs CAQ solution.

Central data management

Recorded and entered once – available in all modules. All iqs modules access the exact same database.

Efficient error prevention

Fast creation and processing of FMEAs for similar parts and processes using iqs inheritance technique and the integration of any number of building blocks.

Up to date planning documentation

iqs Inspection plan and Control plan (iqs PP/CP) and the iqs FMEA are one! This enables simultaneous editing of production documents.

Drawing on existing knowledge

During the processing of complaints the iqs complaints management accesses the central database, automatically searching for similar or repeated errors.

Comparison to reality

The iqs complaints management transfers new errors to the iqs FMEA. Through the immediate feedback to planning, the iqs FMEA receives the latest information and is therefore always up to date.

Actions and appointments under control

The integrated action management permits all defined actions to be tracked and their effectiveness assessed.

No need to worry about FDA

The complete CAPA process is transparently mapped out and conforms to the relevant norms. The integrated audit trail guarantees the lawful implementation of rules and fulfills the traceability of documents and activities.

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