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iqs MM
Action Management

A complete overview: use iqs MM to centrally track and manage actions.

A central instrument

iqs Action Management (MM) accesses other iqs modules which may have actions attached to them. This enables a central overview and makes it possible to centrally track all actions from complaints management, FMEA, audits, statistical process control and APQP. Furthermore, it allows actions from independent modules to be included, therefore optimizing the organization of your own tasks. In this way iqs MM automatically supervises all deadlines and creates follow ups and reminders.

Multilevel filtering

iqs MM enables you to filter out on multiple levels e.g.: via departments, teams or individual employees. In this way iqs MM serves as the idea management tool for the overview of the optimal control of resources for executing planned actions.

Greater security

Via iqs MM defined actions cannot be lost. The software gives control over completion statuses and the efficiency of actions via identification analysis. At a glance it is possible to see which actions have been successfully completed, remain open or are partially completed. iqs MM raises security.

Clear communication

The escalation management automatically informs pre-defined personnel if actions have not been processed or deadlines overrun. Actions between customers and suppliers can be exchanged and supervised via the iqs Supply Chain Quality Center.



  • Capturing actions – effective resource planning by documenting time and costs
  • Commitment from the team or person in charge to handle the actions, including team administration
  • Support for defining actions through freely definable action catalogues
  • Checks completed status and efficiency of actions
  • Informing persons in charge regarding actions and completed actions via email
  • Reminder of outstanding actions by follow up email
  • Integrated overview of individual and delegated actions – extended to all iqs modules as well as user related and cross-departmental
  • Ability to divide into sub-actions and have separate tracking for these sub-actions
  • Multiple analysis, e.g. open actions related to departments
  • Logbook for commentary on the progress of an action
  • Synchronization possible with MS Outlook, tablets and smartphones
  • Create links to access a defined actions directly via iqs Workflow Object
  • Supports decisions through mapping process chains as workflow
  • Escalation management
  • Tracking of actions as well as costs and logbook entries via Intranet. Also available for tablet use > Actions can be answered directly in MS Outlook. All answers are recorded in the logbook
  • Exchange, processing and monitoring of actions with customers as well as suppliers via iqs Supply Chain Quality Center


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