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iqs KM
Competence management

Know what you know: iqs competence management makes qualifications and training requirements available at any time.


Knowledge management

Knowledge is particularly emphasized in the revised version ISO 9001: 2015. Information about the achievement of company goals is therefore a decisive success factor. You define knowledge and skills required for specified company goals by defining the target competences via the organizational structure.

Qualification overview

You can store your employee qualifications along with the appropriate proof, such as certificates, so that they can be accessed to plan tasks or fill vacancies at all times. When qualifications expire, iqs KM reminds you in time so you can initiate relevant training and further education programs.

Variance comparison

iqs KM enables you save departmental or job-related competencies along with the required characteristics. Perform quick and easy target / actual comparisons by using the information, which provides an overview of deviations and the resulting training requirements.


Training schedule

With iqs KM you are in possession of an efficient tool for scheduling training measures as well as success checks by means of competence certification and certificates for participants. Successful participation in further education programs automatically increases and records the actual qualification of the employee. It is also possible to include participants from different departments on the courses.

Staff planning

Find the right employees for vacant positions! By utilizing the comprehensive search provided by iqs KM, find employees with the required abilities and skills across the entire corporation. Employees who are currently undergoing training in the required competencies are also displayed in the system.



  • Reuse previously defined competences
  • Manage certificates with expiration dates in integrated document management
  • Training invitation to participants by e-mail
  • Email reminder before expiration of the qualification period
  • Comprehensive assessment of competences and the need for action for each area
  • Compliance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2015
  • Competency levels can be freely defined
  • Comparison of target and actual values for the determination of training measures


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