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iqs RKM
Complaints Management

Use complaints positively: Avoid repetitive errors and reduce your costs with iqs Complaints Management.

Quick reaction

Complaints should be resolved quickly and smoothly. Using the iqs Complaints Management (RKM) you create, process and track complaints – externally and internally, for suppliers and customers or within your own company departments.

Design processes individually

With iqs RKM you design all steps and procedures for processing complaints according to your internal specifications through predefined methods. These contain the necessary information as well as specifications for time procedure (1-2-14 rule). Of course, templates such as 8D, 4D reports and CAPA are also available for this purpose.

Direct access via the web

Make communication between those involved even easier and more direct with the Intranet-based iqs QC - Web: Here you can record and process complaints directly in the web browser. With iqs QC - Supply Chain, you actively involve your suppliers in the entire complaint process, including an 8D report.

Use existing knowledge

You can use the iqs CAQ database while processing your complaint. Similar errors or repeat errors are automatically flagged; actions already initiated can be checked and, where appropriate, included in current complaints.

Rapid evaluation

The integrated iqs Analysis Center grants access to a wide range of reports on your current quality levels. This way, you can immediately determine which complaints and the
resulting action have already been processed or are still open. Understand very quickly where the priority, causes and costs of failures lie and take targeted action to improve
your complaint process by evaluating the diagnosis time.

Immediate feedback to planning

Transfer errors with corresponding actions directly from iqs FMEA. iqs RKM transfers new errors to the iqs FMEA, which you can update immediately and make it available to the system. In addition, the integrated error analysis provides you with an up-to-date overview about the progress of defined corrective actions.


  • Generating supplier and internal complaints, e.g. from iqs Incoming / Outgoing goods inspection or from the inspection during production
  • Complaint reports according to 8D, 4D and CAPA method or individual reports
  • Processing of customer complaints and issuing customerspecific reports
  • Freely configurable workflows for processing complaints
  • Paperless exchange of supplier complaints with automatic import of responses via iqs QC - Supply Chain
  • Internal or external complaints dispatch as an event mail with all documents, images, videos, drawings, reports
  • Integrated CBR procedure (case-based reasoning). Find solutions to problems quickly using a similarity search
  • Automatic detection of repeat errors
  • Import of failures and causes directly from iqs FMEA. Transfer of new failures to iqs FMEA automatically by informing the person responsible for FMEA
  • Ishikawa diagrams and 5-why-method for defining the cause and effect
  • Integration of Lessons Learned:, Poka Yoke, Yokoten via actions
  • Convenient and cross-departmental action monitoring with iqs Action Management for tracking deadlines, degrees of completion, responsibilities and costs
  • Substantial analysis using iqs Analysis Center, e.g. Pareto analysis, cost analysis, graphics, filtered work plans and individual assessments
  • The iqs Q-Agent acts as an early warning system and sends information when, or before, limits have been exceeded, e.g. number of complaints per business partner. Quality reports can be time-controlled and sent to a defined distribution list.
  • Time measurement of individual processing steps of the complaint (diagnosis time)
  • iqs QC - Web for web-based complaint processing on the Intranet
  • Log book for commenting on the progress of a complaint


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