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iqs LS
Control Center

Extensive functionalities: The iqs Control Center makes all performed inspections, including results, available to you.

Comprehensive overview

The iqs Control Center (LS) enables you to efficiently monitor inspections within your company. In addition to the planning of inspection orders, this also includes the assessment of random samples, which means you are always informed about the quality of your production. By comparing different control charts and characteristics, you can optimize production parameters. For example, you can identify the best machine for a specific tool! Based on inspection plans created with iqs PP/CP, you automatically generate and version the required control charts. Your employees in charge can be informed about events such as the breach of control limits by email.

Control inspection orders

You can use iqs Control Center to create inspection orders for all types of inspections, such as production-accompanying inspections, intermediate inspections, incoming goods and outgoing goods inspections, and start immediately. You can suspend or end these inspection orders at any time. Via the iqs transaction data interface, they can be automatically generated using your production orders from your ERP or MES system orders.

Structured presentation

The Control Center represents the production structure, including production areas, machines, and tools, and allocates the parts, as well as corresponding inspection plans. The current product status will be displayed by simple traffic light system, which also shows at which part manufacturing combination the limit was exceeded. Search simply and specifically for inspection orders, inspections and control charts, criteria (such as date range), part, business partner, production, etc. and get a comprehensive overview.

Clear navigation

The continuous navigation offers the possibility, for example, to get to the inspection and to the deviation analysis with the help of the inspection order. You can also navigate to the inspection plan via the control chart. In addition you receive individual values, mean values and various graphic evaluations for each control chart. In case of similar characteristics, you can simply display the control charts simultaneously on the screen for comparison.

Output in Q-DAS format

To evaluate the inspection results, a suitable DFQ file can be generated at any time and processed with qs-STAT and opened automatically by Q-DAS for further evaluation.


  • Comprehensive evaluations and statistics:
    • Machine, tool and cavity-related evaluations
    • Probability plot, histogram
    • Batch and order-related evaluations
    • Monitoring process capability; optional interface to qs-STAT from Q-DAS
    • Tracking of measured values across tolerance changes
    • Display of limit value box plot
    • Order evaluations
  • Control center functionality for machines and hall layout
  • Clear presentation of sample evaluation status
  • Overview of production status, i.e. traffic light status according to sample, machine, tool, production area with drill-down to individual inspection processes


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