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iqs ISIR
Initial Sample Inspection Report

Quick and safe for series approval: iqs ISIR offers an enormous timesaving potential. Create your initial sample test reports 70% faster.

Minimizing delays

The iqs Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) is the rational, computer-aided software solution for quick, easy creation and evaluation of initial sample inspection reports in line with PPAP, VDA and customer-specific formats.

Transfer and positioning of nominal values

Nominal values and tolerances are electronically extracted from requirements, e.g. drawings and then transferred with a few clicks to Initial Sample Inspection Report. The positioning of the drawing takes place at the same time and saves you tedious, and error-prone, manual transfers. Data transfer is not dependent on a specific CAD system. Since iqs ISIR supports optical character recognition, OCR, you can easily transfer characteristics from scan files (.tif, .pdf) into the target inspection report.

Measuring equipment included

Actual values measured with electronic measuring equipment are taken over directly and assigned to the corresponding inspection report items. Filter all positions of the initial sample inspection report for missing or deviating actual values and edit them specifically.

Change management

The module documents and visualizes each of your changes automatically. You can automatically transfer changed characteristics or individually determined items to the change report without manual comparison.

Three-dimensional matching

More than just two-dimensional: Using the 3D PDF, you can work outside of the two-dimensional drawing. Characteristics can be imported directly into the iqs ISIR from the 3D PDF and transferred to the measuring machine for offline programming.

Process initial sampling online

Make the initial sample inspection report, including the stamped drawings, available to your suppliers in iqs QC - Supply Chain. They, in turn, can edit the document using a web browser. This means there is no need for your
suppliers to install any software on their own computer to process the initial sample inspection report. You can make all processes and applications available online via the central web installation.

For further information, visit: ISIR Portal solution


  • Complete transfer of nominal values and tolerances from the CAD drawing or from scanned documents (.tif, .pdf)
  • Import and processing 2D and 3D PDF files
  • Integrated standards manager for the automatic addition of general tolerances
  • Automatic positioning of the drawing
  • Differentiation according to cavities
  • Connection to measuring machines and digital measuring equipment with automatic measured values transfer
  • Transfer of characteristics to the measuring machine for offline programming
  • Characteristics link to 3D PDF
  • 3D viewer for measurement comparison between customer and supplier
  • Check for missing actual values and deviations
  • Statistical evaluations and graphics
  • Preliminary process and machine capability interface to qs-STAT from Q-DAS
  • Print out the stamped drawing with position numbers and identifiers
  • Export of the initial sample inspection report in Excel format
  • Sending initial sample inspection reports with all documents and positioned drawing by email
  • Editing, administration, and display of special measurements
  • Versioned filing and paperless administration. Filing of ISIR document is also possible in SAP/DVS
  • Automatic transfer of ISIR positions to iqs Inspection Plan (PP/CP)
  • QDX interface
  • Electronic signature is available as an add-on
  • iqs QC - Supply Chain for web-based and efficient supplier sampling


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