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iqs PMV
Inspection Equipment Management

More than calibration and administration: iqs Inspection Equipment Management aids your product quality with the correct inspection equipment.

Quick and comprehensive

iqs Inspection Equipment Management (PMV) provides you with up-to-date and reliable information about the status, location and use of the inspection equipment. At the same time, it enables the measuring devices to be checked. This optimizes resources, because maintenance and operational planning of the inspection equipment can be carried out effectively and seamlessly.

Inspection equipment history

A complete lifecycle with all accompanying documents is available for each inspection equipment. Here, for example, you will find recorded inspection requests, completed inspections (including recorded measured values and filed certificates), complaints, repairs, change of locations, status changes, and changes to inspection periods. You can also add company specific events individually.

Inspection equipment capability/MSA

One component of inspection equipment management is the proof of suitability for inspection processes. Examine, among other things, the inspection equipment capability, determine the capability indices Cg and Cgk, and assess the measurement equipment scatter with, and without user influence. For this purpose, input and output data are exchanged with solara.MP from Q-DAS. The results are documented in iqs PMV based on inspection equipment.

Inspection planning wizard

With the help of the inspection order wizard, you can determine all due inspection equipment, forward inspection requests by email, and automatically send reminders for overdue inspection equipment. The PMV module uses the document inheritance technology developed by iqs in order to utilize similarities in inspection plans. You can store and allocate corresponding standards to each inspection equipment.

Order management

An order list displays an overview of open or unprocessed inspection orders, in-house inspection centers, and external calibration companies. The module also supports the creation of delivery notes for accredited companies to calibrate respective inspection equipment.


  • Extensive software for inspection equipment management and monitoring as well as maintenance
  • Efficient management of individual inspection equipment and inspection norms, fixtures, inspection statuses and complete measuring equipment groups
  • Inspection equipment organization in various views
  • All inspection equipment at an inspection station can be checked and summarized
  • Secure certification via complete inspection equipment history
  • Quick creation and amendment of inspection plans through iqs inheritance technology
  • Graphical inspection information, e.g. drawing sections, videos and images
  • Versioned inspection planning
  • Wizard for automatic identification of inspection equipment that is due
  • Distribution of inspection orders via email, including levels of urgency
  • New inspection equipment can be checked for operational integrity and a complaint can be triggered if necessary
  • Procedure for preventing the occurrence of overdue inspection equipment (escalation model)
  • Inspection equipment can be allocated to different inspection cycles with a corresponding inspection plan, considering the operating time (dynamic modification)
  • Link to the inspection process suitability solara.MP from Q-DAS
  • One-sided and calculated characteristics (formula editor)
  • Simple automatic data exchange via VDI 2623 with external calibration service providers
  • Order processing including delivery note issue, e.g. for calibration laboratories
  • Comprehensive analysis, e.g. inspection equipment cost analysis


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