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iqs Quality Center
New. Better. Version 7.

With the new version 7 we integrate current market requirements into our proven CAQ solution:

With the latest update of iqs CAQ you will benefit from a practice-oriented implementation of FMEA harmonization, the cross-module integration of 3D PDF as well as a fundamentally optimized usability of the iqs software. With the new iqs Supply Chain Quality Center you can perfect your communication between customer and supplier and the extension of iqs APQP allows you to record even more project levels in advance quality planning and thus also to depict more complex assemblies.

The new software release version 7 focuses on four important innovations:

  • Perfect communication between customer and supplier with iqs Supply Chain Quality Center
  • Automatic reading of 3D PDFs with all pmi data for continuous availability and interactive use in all processes and modules
  • Extended recording of project levels in advance quality planning by extending iqs APQP to include project structures
  • Integration of FMEA harmonization

New name, new design: iqs Partner-Portal becomes iqs Supply Chain Quality Center

The iqs QC - Supply Chain convinces with its modern design and consistent operating concept. Based on the individual process steps of the supply chain, the new module supports the entire communication between customer and supplier - web-based and available at all times. The supplier can now view the documents created by the customer in the respective process steps - for example, the target report in ISIR, the project plan in APQP or a complaint in RKM - directly in the web browser without additional proprietary software and edit them according to the legitimation granted. All participants have access to identical and current data. This prevents media breaks and eliminates transmission errors.

The communication between quality assurance, purchasing and suppliers takes place in real time with iqs QC - Supply Chain and thus accelerates necessary coordination.


Reliable planning of complex assemblies (APQP)

With iqs APQP you can now record further project levels within your quality planning. Projects with many purchased parts and samplings, as is often the case with complex assemblies, are now supported - milestones are inherited, dependencies are transparently displayed.

With the module iqs APQP you can now plan larger projects with assemblies in a way which no longer causes conflicts and where the entire schedule can be aligned with the customer SoP. The inheritance of milestones makes the schedule dependencies between different projects transparent and shows the consequences of any postponements in other projects.

You can plan your projects even more easily with various templates that already contain symbolic persons responsible for the work packages. In the actual project, you can replace them with your resources with just one mouse click.

The revised Gantt chart now displays the milestones, planned/actual data and connection types between the elements in a convenient way.

Harmonization in FMEA

Following the harmonization of VDA and AIAG, iqs has implemented the new guideline in iqs FMEA in a very practice-oriented manner, in close cooperation with customers and renowned FMEA moderators.

The requirements are delivered in the form of a risk catalog, but can be adapted to plant requirements at any time.

The new action priority is conveniently displayed as a matrix in the FMEA and the new reports (design and process) can be printed out in a clear, yet space-saving manner.

Pioneer in 3D PDF

By automatically reading and stamping the 3D PDF, all nominal values and tolerances are automatically read in. In addition, the 3D model is now available consistently and interactively in all iqs CAQ modules. This means that the iqs CAQ system can also integrate workflow that already work with 3D PDF (PMI), such as inspection machines. A further advantage: If a product is changed, whether during the development phase or later during series production, all changes are automatically transferred and documented in the 3D PDF.

For customer and supplier, the representation of the product as 3D PDF has many advantages. For example, the interdependencies of characteristics can be better recognized and understood. Complex parts can also be recorded more clearly and quickly as a 3D PDF. In the inspection plan, the 3D PDF rotates directly to the correct position according to the characteristic. In this way, the metrologist can more quickly identify which characteristic has to be inspected. Since the transfer from two-dimensional to three-dimensional is no longer necessary, even inspectors with little previous knowledge can master the inspection process without any problems.


Further information about the changes and release planning can be found in our customer login.

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