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iqs Quality Center
Version 8 - innovative and practice-oriented

Version 8 improves, supports and adds valuable components to the CAQ system

We are continuously working on the optimization of our CAQ software in order to offer our customers a user-friendly and practice-oriented CAQ system.

With the latest update, we have implemented the new guidelines of the PPF procedure in ISIR, added a check to the statistical process control and integrated a new iqs Key Performance Indicators. In addition to the improvements to the iqs APQP and iqs competence management, we have enabled 3D visualization throughout the CAQ system.

Within the new software release version 8, the following new features have been created:

  • The implementation of the new guidelines of the PPF procedure in the ISIR according to the VDA Volume 2.
  • The addition of a check sheet to the statistical process control to support the FMEA
  • The FMEA has received an extended drawing representation for a better overview
  • A clear representation of your quality indicators with the new iqs Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • An improved form of auditor qualification has been integrated into iqs Competence Management
  • The possibility of a continuous 3D visualization


VDA Volume 2, 6th edition: Practice-oriented implementation of the new guidelines of the PPA procedure in  iqs ISIR

Following the publication of the sixth edition of VDA Volume 2 "Assuring the Quality of Deliveries", iqs has implemented the new guidelines of the PPA procedure in iqs ISIREMPB in a practice-oriented manner.

The detailed information required is clearly presented in iqs ISIR and can be conveniently processed using filter options. With the help of the traffic light status, you can quickly and reliably identify missing information in the evidence documents.
Individual tasks can be defined for the PPA procedure, for the individual evidences or for characteristics and tracked in iqs Action Management.

In accordance with the guidelines of the new revision of the VDA volume, iqs Supply Chain Quality Center also offers the digital exchange of sampling data between customers and suppliers.

Addition of a check sheet to the iqs Statistical Process Control

The iqs PDE is based on the inspection planning, which is provided for the combination of part, machine and tool - including inspection intervals and the processing of inspection orders with setup, first part, series and last part inspections. The calculation is validated according to ISO TR11462-3 and the additional connection of external statistics servers (e.g. Q-DAS) has been made possible.

Keep track of your critical parts by filtering your inspection orders as well as the individual inspections consistently by part, machine, tool, date and save your individual queries.

The check sheet allows you to run "failure tally sheets" based on FMEA in parallel with SPC inspections. In addition to the graphical representation of the calculation of the failure percentage, the characteristics receive warning limits. Furthermore, nest-related inspections are also possible and the failures of a part can be clearly displayed in a report, including the recognition of the main points of action.

iqs APQP: Secure support for project planning

The iqs APQP reliably supports you in monitoring your appointments. Always keep track of due dates, impending deadline conflicts and escalations. For the daily work with your projects you receive a complete list of work packages including actions and their progress.

Work packages that contain extensive individual steps can be structured via sub-elements or by using checklists from the central iqs Checklist Management.

With a wide variety of templates that already contain symbolic persons responsible and dates for the work packages, you can plan your projects even more easily. In the actual project, you replace the symbolic persons responsible and dates with your resources or the corresponding date with just one mouse click.

Even in an arbitrarily nested project structure (e.g. for product projects with several components), milestones/responsibles and team members can be transferred to the corresponding sub-projects. This ensures that schedule restrictions are adhered to across the entire project structure. In addition, by integrating the APQP into the CAQ system, you can see the linked data of your components, e.g. the initial sample inspection report, the associated FMEA, and the inspection plan.

Extended drawing representation in iqs FMEA

Working with building blocks now offers the possibility to link "orphaned effects". This facilitates the separate inheritance of e.g. generic effects and processes already linked to effects.

The folders now include the configuration of the release rules. This allows you to define the rules in a more differentiated way and tighten your custom release rules for selected folders if needed.

The risk matrix allows you to work interactively. Here, the dependent data records are displayed in the respective matrices for the selected risks.

The drawing display has been extended so that you can now create process characteristics directly from the drawing or have all characteristics of an operation displayed

Clear, simple, targeted: the new iqs Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Measure, monitor and optimize your success-critical quality processes with the help of a clear presentation of your quality indicators! The new function iqs KPI provides you with everything you need to determine and visualize the progress or degree of fulfillment of your goals and critical success factors.

Create management dashboards and provide your employees with optimally prepared performance indicators for process evaluation. The dashboards can be defined for different company levels if required.

In combination with iqs AC/QI, iqs KPI is the perfect complement to further condense your quality metrics and combine them with external data sources, e.g. data from project deadlines and sales teams.

Linking the auditor qualification with iqs Competence Management

The auditor qualifications are now managed in the Competence Management module. There you can store the qualified auditors for the different audit types (ISO 9001:2015, VDA 6.3, etc.) with their respective training level (lead auditor, co-auditor).

The editor to create and manage the audit type has been divided in a user-friendly way and supplemented by rules. Here, the user is shown the permitted combinations when changes are made.

The audit planning for the following years can be defined and implemented via intervals for the audit type and organization.

For audits according to VDA 6.3, additional reports have been added for P1 and for P2 - P7.

Simplified visualization of 3D models

Avoid the error-prone and cost-intensive transfer of 3D models to 2D drawings! With the new version 8, 3D formats can be visualized in the entire iqs CAQ system. Even the exchange between you and your suppliers can be done comfortably via 3D using iqs Supply Chain Quality Center.


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