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iqs modules: Each individual module is priceless, together they are unbeatable

Each individual CAQ module from iqs offers you a great benefit on its own. By combining modules to create a complete CAQ system, you unlock the full potential of our software. The feedback from complaints and errors creates a control loop which in turn leads to clear error and cost reductions.

Our CAQ software covers all quality assurance levels from planning to production inspection through to the analysis of quality system indicators.


Error prevention made easy: Link iqs FMEA with iqs Inspection Planning and Complaints Management modules and receive consistent support in error prevention.

To FMEA module

Inspection Plan and Control Plan

Check only where it is necessary: iqs PP/CP generates inspection plans directly and quickly with iqs building block technology or directly from the technical drawing.

To PP/CP module


Complete project overview: iqs APQP creates the basis for a successful start of production.

To APQP module

Requirements Management

Keep track of requirements: with iqs AM keep track of current requirements for all products.

To AM module

Feasibility Study

Risk minimization right from the start: efficient, advanced, quality planning.

To HBW module

Special Characteristics

Be in the driver’s seat: With iqs BM, you know which characteristics require special attention for your products and processes - and can reliably exclude risks with accompanying measures.

To BM module

Competence Management

Know what you know: iqs competence management makes qualifications and training requirements available at any time.

To KM module

Initial Sample Inspection Report

Quick and safe for series approval: iqs ISIR offers an enormous timesaving potential. Create your initial sample test reports 70% faster.

To ISIR module

SPC / Inspection data acquisition

Goal driven inspection: Working with individual documents is a thing of the past! With the SPC software solution iqs Inspection data acquisition, you organize and manage every inspection process.

To PDE module

Incoming / Outgoing goods inspection

Minimize inspection effort: Using iqs incoming and outgoing goods inspection, you reduce the effort via targeted inspections with dynamic processes.

To Incoming / Outgoing goods inspection module

Inspection Equipment Management

More than calibration and administration: iqs Inspection Equipment Management aids your product quality with the correct inspection equipment.

To PMV module

Complaints Management

Use complaints positively: Avoid repetitive errors and reduce your costs with iqs Complaints Management.

To RKM module

Action Management

Everything at a glance: manage and track with iqs Action Management.

To MM module

Audit Management

Stress less for your upcoming audits: The organizational tool you need in the audit process.ss.

To AUDIT module

Control Center

Extensive functionalities: The iqs Control Center makes all performed inspections, including results, available to you.

To LS module

Analyse Center / Quality Intelligence

Filtering, analyzing and visualizing: Be proactive by using reliable key data.

To AC/QI module

Supplier Evaluation

Fair evaluations and design of actions: With iqs LIB you create a transparent evaluation of your suppliers based on your criteria.

To LIB module

Supply Chain Quality Center

Professional communication: With the iqs QC - Supply Chain web solution, both customer and supplier work continuously on quality processes in a central system. Data is structured and will only be updated once by the responsible person.

To Supply Chain Quality Center

Perfect system integration

CAQ solutions from iqs are renowned for their easy integration. Interfaces for all common databases and business software such as PPS/ERP, BDE, SAP, CAD, MS Office, Q-DAS and electronic measuring machines are all easily integrated.

Central data management

Entered once and available in all modules. All iqs modules access the exact same database.

Process orientated

All CAQ modules support the requirements of ISO 9001, VDA 6, IATF 16949, AIAG, FDA, QDX.

Multiple language capability

The system is available in multiple languages.

Individual user interface

Through integrated plug-in technology you can adjust the user interface to suit.

Integrated workflow

Scheduling, reminders and resubmissions via email support the processes and create efficiency in processing and document circulation.

Active drawing management

2D drawings and 3D models can be accessed from multiple modules. Drawing characteristics can also be transferred from paper copies.

Internet usage

Compatible web connections accelerate internal and external communication.

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