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iqs LIB
Supplier Rating

Objective view of your partner: Transparent supplier rating.

Clear measurement criteria

iqs LIB ‘supplier rating  supports the classification of subcontractors through means of allocating objective quality numbers e.g. number of complaints, delivery date overruns . This assessment is supplemented by the inclusion of “soft factors”, i.e. flexibility, price segment, accessibility. If the agreed quality number is exceeded, the iqs Q-Agent automatically informs the pre-defined distribution circle if required. Each supplier can access their own current quality status via the iqs Supply Chain Quality Center.


  • Evaluation criteria per VDA or freely definable e.g. according to supplier groups
  • Weighting of criteria for soft and hard facts
  • Assignment of an arbitrary number of soft factors such as accessibility
  • Automatic classification of suppliers in classes e.g. supplier A, B, C
  • Monthly automatic calculation of supplier identification numbers
  • Pareto analysis with various combination possibilities for example products, business partners, goods groups
  • Automatic generation of key figures from iqs Goods Received Inspection and iqs Complaints Management or from goods received data of an ERP system; transfer of supplier grading to ERP system
  • Automatic creation of multiple analysis and reports e.g. for supplier development
  • Assessment history to extrapolate trends for supplier development
  • The iqs Supply Chain Quality Center gives suppliers access to their quality figures


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