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iqs LIB
Supplier Evaluation

Fair evaluations and design of actions: With iqs LIB you create a transparent evaluation of your suppliers based on your criteria.

Clear standards

With iqs Supplier Evaluation (LIB), you classify your suppliers on the basis of objective key data, e.g. based on the number of complaints or exceeding delivery dates. By including the standards that were defined by you as so-called "soft facts", such as flexibility, price range or availability, you complete the evaluation criteria individually. The result of the current quality data will be forwarded to you in a specified series report, defined by you.

How to rate?

Your evaluation can include hard facts and soft facts, and transparently displays the calculation formulas for you. Audits, complaints, incoming goods, and other quality processes can be filtered and rated according to certain criteria, such as "penalty points" for customer complaints, goods delivered too early or too late, and poor audit results. The requirements are summarized in a evaluation scheme. You can also version the scheme so that evaluation processes are always carried out according to the current scheme. Use evaluation runs regularly to receive up-todate quality data. You can apply your evaluation scheme for all suppliers, or different schemes for defined supplier
groups, such as material group.

Simulate evaluations

In order to use the quality numbers sensibly, you can test new evaluation schemes without saving the evaluation. This way, you can check whether your selected criteria gives you the information you want in order to classify your suppliers and determine the best possible criteria catalog for a evaluation based on your standards.

Evaluations history and comparison

The results of regular evaluation runs are displayed as a chronological sequence. This allows you to see how your suppliers are developing over a period of time. You can also see the results as a graph to compare your suppliers quickly and clearly. The supplier comparison gives you the option of comparing several suppliers who have been rated according to the same evaluation scheme and to determine which supplier does better or worse in which category. This gives you a comprehensive and meaningful picture of all your suppliers.

Transparency for both parties

To ensure transparent evaluation, your suppliers can check their current quality status via the the web solution iqs QC - Supply Chain. Not only the evaluation result is shown clearly here, but also the evaluation formulas you have specified and the underlying quality processes. This gives both sides a fair opportunity to take action.



  • Comprehensive evaluation options by setting the criteria according to VDA or individually adapting freely definable standards – for all suppliers or according to supplier groups
  • Freely selectable weighting of criteria according to the company's own standards for soft and hard facts
  • Allocation of an arbitrary number of soft facts, such as accessibility, punctuality
  • Automatic classification of suppliers into classes after evaluation, e.g. A, B, C supplier
  • Monthly automatic calculation of supplier key data for constantly updated quality data
  • Automatic generation of key data from iqs Incoming goods inspection and iqs Complaints Management, or the incoming goods data of an ERP system as well as transfer of supplier evaluation to ERP system
  • Simple creation of a wide range of reports with or without a stored calculation formula
  • Temporary evaluation for ad hoc query or for inspection of evaluation scheme
  • Evaluation history to extrapolate trends for supplier development as well as comparison options of supplier groups
  • Transparent and fair conditions via iqs QC - Supply Chain, which allows suppliers to access their quality key data


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