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iqs WZI
Tool Information System

Eliminating tool bottlenecks: iqs WZI ensures tool quality.

On-time tool ordering

The iqs Tool Information System (WZI) takes over a specific aspect crucial to production – the status of a tool. iqs WZI identifies capacity limits and determines the necessary ordering time for capacity and replacement tools. Capacity bottlenecks and error prone production from worn out tools are actively avoided. Furthermore via iqs WZI the necessary time for tool maintenance can be planned. Tool specific data is maintained in the system and can be called up at any time providing you a complete tool history.

Extensive tool administration

The tool administration contains all customer, supplier and tool specific data for example: master data, the number of tools, owned tools, number of tools, tool costs and follow-up costs, tool change actions for different variants, annual capacities, set-up time, usage of the tool and replenishment time for replacement tool.

Quantity and supplier queries

The cyclical determination of current plan values and the scheduling with extrapolated data allows you to determine the ordering time of the follow on tool. The iqs WZI contains a service for the paperless, cyclical queries on tool data by the supplier with automatic transfer of the supplier information.

Event mail and resubmission

In the event of passing a deadline for capacity and replacement tools, overrunning the service life or amortization, the persons in charge will receive a corresponding notification by email.


  • Early warning of tool capacity limits, overrunning of service life and payment deadlines (compares planning with reality)
  • Cyclical monitoring of tool data from suppliers (Planned values and actual supplied values)
  • Extrapolation and observation of reordering time for replacement tools
  • Tool data transferable via interface with supplier system
  • Determines ordering times and informs those responsible in time
  • Automatic warning via email if for example the monthly capacity or total production of a tool has been exceeded
  • Helps with tool design (quantity/cavity)
  • Ample time for tool maintenance and repair – eliminates capacity bottlenecks
  • Manage events per tool (e.g. maintenance)
  • Interface for PPS-system, e.g. for transfer of orders or supplier quantities
  • Extensive evaluation of suppliers, parts, tools, material groups etc.
  • Event mail and resubmission
  • Stores quantity of parts, e.g. a part needs multiple tools; warning if 100 percent limit is exceeded
  • Full tool history available
  • Browser based application
  • Cost control at tool level


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