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iqs Quality Center
Version 9 - new impulses for your quality management

Die Version 9 optimizes the Quality system with new components and better performance


With the new iqs Special Characteristics module, you can classify and document critical features, and the extension of the iqs Complaint Management enables convenient root cause analysis with the interactively editable Ishikawa diagram and "5-Why-Map". In addition, improvements in the iqs Offline Audit and iqs Requirements Management are newly added in Version 9 as well as important enhancements to iqs FMEA to support the moderation.

Besides an optimized performance, the focus of the new software release version 9 is on the following innovations:

  • New iqs Special Characteristics module for comprehensible classification of characteristics
  • The implementation of the interactively editable Ishikawa diagram and the "5 Why-Map" in iqs Complaint Management
  • The new version of iqs Offline Audit including diverse report outputs
  • Improved moderation support, targeted search and visualization of processing progress in iqs FMEA
  • Clear folder structure in iqs requirements management
  • New enhancements of the PPF procedure in iqs ISIR according to VDA Volume 2 6th edition


Special characteristics (BM): Practice-oriented implementation of the process description according to VDA

The new module iqs BM (Special Characteristics) supports you in identifying, classifying and documenting critical characteristics.

The cross-module CAD integration allows you to access requirements as well as stamped drawings including a list of characteristics.

Create company-specific question catalogues including manufacturing procedures and classification rules and make them available to your employees as a defined process flow to classify the characteristics and document the classifications.

This module is also integrated into iqs action management, so that tasks and actions with respect to the special characteristics can be processed and managed securely and efficiently.

New design, improved performance: the new iqs complaint management system

The new iqs Complaint Management convinces with a modern design and a consistent operating concept.

Design individual workflows according to your specifications for processing the complaint steps. You also have the option of storing checklists for selected steps, where you can specifically query relevant topics.

Keep track of your complaints by filtering them consistently by part, symptom, method and save your individual query. The results are clearly displayed including processing status, action plan and logbook.

The integrated Gantt chart now conveniently displays complaint dates, e.g. date received, date entered, customer report date, etc., as well as planned/actual dates.

With the help of the interactively editable Ishikawa diagram and the "5 Why-Map", you can systematically determine the causes of defects according to VDA specifications. You can export the results as images for use in reports.

The integrated cost overview allows you to compare planned and actual costs of each rejection step activated by your workflow.

Offline Audit: Perform Audits flexibly and independently

With new technology and user-friendly design, iqs Offline Audit supports you in performing audits on the go - independent of your CAQ system and database connections. As an auditor, you process the different audit types (process, system, VDA 6.3 audit) and make findings that you can supplement with documents, sketches, photos and measures.

Visualize the audit results during the execution to have an overview of current results and the degree of processing.

All reports, whether your own or customer-specific, can also be used on the go by exporting them from the CAQ system and transferring them to the offline application. This allows you to output audit results on-site and have them signed immediately, if necessary.

The results recorded on the road can be conveniently synchronized afterwards.

In the Audit module, the search for audits and auditors has been improved, and the audit plan and other new fields from DIN ISO 19011 have been added.

Extended moderation support in iqs FMEA

Working within the FMEA can quickly become confusing depending on its magnitude. With the new version, the moderation support in iqs FMEA has been further optimized. You can see your click route through the FMEA via the history display and navigate back at any time.

Adjust texts and field contents quickly and easily with the new multiple editing of objects. In addition, all multilingual fields can be edited in parallel during moderation.

When working in the defect network, the "Maximum-B values" can be displayed.

To be able to analyze the contents of the FMEA more precisely, there is now a new evaluation status "in decision" in the AP matrix, in the risk matrix, in the colour mode and in the report model.

In addition, a new object search has been implemented that allows you to save special filters. Among other things, this can be used to optimize the operating flow for the error and function network. The assignment of actions is also supported by this view. The evaluation of actions within the FMEA can be done here according to different criteria also in combination with risk indicators.

Working with building blocks has been extended. Based on the building block, attributes of the inherited elements can now be specifically edited and released. This gives you a constant overview of all variants and their deviations from the module.

The processing progress can now be measured for individual elements of the FMEA. Here, the processing scopes are described as APQP project elements, which have been linked to the elements. Various catalogues with weighting parameters can be stored to calculate the progress.

The revised design FMEA now allows you to link APQP elements as well as complaints.

New folder structure in iqs requirements management

In order to better structure the multitude of requirements, work has been improved by a folder structure. The targeted release and forwarding of requirements to specific parts is now supported by a clear release assistant.

Enhancements of the VDA 2 guidelines in the iqs initial sample inspection report

The processing of initial sample inspection reports according to VDA 2 6th edition has been supplemented by parts bundling and individual verification catalogues.

Further information about the changes and release planning can be found in our customer login.

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