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iqs BM Special Characteristics

Be in the driver’s seat: With iqs BM, you know which characteristics require special attention for your products and processes - and can reliably exclude risks with accompanying measures.

Recognize critical characteristics

Special characteristics require reliable and transparent identification, classification, and documentation. What sounds complex and complicated can be handled in a simple and clear approach with software support. iqs BM provides you with everything you need to identify critical features at an early stage in the design and manufacturing process with coordinated measures throughout the entire process. Like all our modules, iqs BM is practice-oriented and allows for flexible of evaluation concepts.

Create company-specific question catalogs

Analytical and structured questions guide you in risk assessment and help you decide into which category a risk should be classified. You can thus create company-specific question catalogs, including manufacturing processes and classification rules, which are based on your individual requirements and deliver precisely tailored results. The question catalog simultaneously defines a process flow and guides you through the question catalog in different paths depending on your answers. All steps and all decisions leading to the respective classification are recorded in a table structure in a clear and comprehensible way for all employees. In addition, you can define tasks and accompanying measures for the classified characteristics and reliably track their progress in central measure management.

Clear results

All steps and all decisions leading to a classification automatically flow into a table - clear and comprehensible.

Interaction with FMEA

Knowledge already gained from FMEA, for example the highest importance of a characteristic, is automatically transferred to the Special Characteristics module and supplements the evaluation.

Even with FMEA the interaction is smooth, so that the modules are always up to date and synchronized: Simply match the classifications assigned there with the classifications from the Special Characteristics module and update them.

Intelligent CAD integration

Cross-module CAD integration allows you to easily access and adopt requirements, stamped drawings - including feature lists. This enables you to mark Special Characteristics in the context of all defined specifications and customer requirements. In this way, centrally defined characteristics are available to you throughout the CAQ system.

Changes at a glance

The practical change import shows you with one klick which new specifications, drawings and supplementary information exist. All versions are documented transparently. This means that you can track all the steps and results that led to the respective classification of a Special Characteristics at any time.


  • Recognize, classify and document Special Characteristics
  • Creation of company-specific question catalogs
  • Defined process flow through structured questions
  • Convenient management of actions
  • Automatic responses from the FMEA
  • Synchronization and transfer of classification to FMEA, inspection plan and control plan
  • Simple and complete integration of CAD data
  • Change management - incorporation of new features through the change import process
  • Versioning of the characteristics history


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