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iqs Supply Chain Quality Center

Professional communication: Integrating suppliers in high quality work

Via the iqs QC -Supply Chain, both customers and suppliers can continuously work on quality processes in a central system. Data is structured and will only be updated once by the person responsible. The progress of quality processes is therefore evident. Tasks and deadlines are clearly allocated and can be centrally tracked. The necessary information and documents are an integral part of the quality activities and are available to all internal and external editors.

Enormous potential for optimising communication with your suppliers

Communication with suppliers swallows enormous amounts of time and effort. The iqs Supply Chain Quality Center frees up this enormous savings potential. Processes are interlocked creating synergy effects on both sides therefore improving efficiency. Effort is minimized, costs reduced, planning reliability increased, production accelerated and errors reduced.

Greater transparency and efficiency

Both you and your supplier work in a central system with identical data and documentation. All information and status are up to date, transparent and clearly visible, to both parties.

Reduced workload

Automation and standardization of communication dramatically reduces workload and improves day to day operations.

Stable supplier chains

Communication between you and your supplier will be greatly accelerated and focused. This improves forward planning and ensures purchased parts can be delivered.

Direct communication

Via the internet your supplier can directly edit quality processes. Suppliers do not need to have an additional software installation.

Information at your fingertips

You no longer need to wait for feedback as both parties can see the same information in real time in the portal.

Central data flow

As data flows directly into and is pooled within the portal, typical transfer failures such as connection errors, time outs and media discontinuities belong firmly in the past.

iqs QC - Supply Chain supports communication between customer and supplier with the following modules:


  • Clear project planning for all people responsible
  • Actions with necessary information and documents visible
  • Project progress and disruptions are immediately recognizable

Feasibility Study

  • Detailed evaluation of the characteristics
  • Characteristic reference to the drawing
  • Answering phase-dependent criteria catalogs
  • Definition of actions to ensure feasibility
  • Completion of documents
  • Transparent presentation of the overall status

Initial sampling

  • Paperless sampling processing
  • Clear sampling processes
  • Identical characteristics descriptions
  • Avoidance of recursions
  • Positioned drawing is available interactively

Processing complaints

  • Direct online editing of 8D report
  • On schedule responses of suppliers
  • Overview of all open actions in central action management

Action management

  • Overview of all actions from supplier quality activities
  • Central planning and tracking
  • Action processing with logbook, documents, and proof of effectiveness


  • Access to audit results and statements
  • Definition of corrective actions by supplier
  • Direct assessment by auditor

Supplier Evaluation

  • Every supplier knows their current quality status
  • The evaluation criteria are shown in detail

Tool information system

  • Tool monitoring by adjustment of planned and real output
  • Reduction of the risk of tool wear
  • Planned and early replacement of tools



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