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iqs FMEA module technology

Simplify your everyday FMEA and make your FMEA the heart of your production!

The most important advantages of iqs FMEA module technology:

Centralized processing

The FMEA methodology only has to be implemented in one place and specific product specifications are entered by key users. The optimization and maintenance of the FMEAs for product families and processes take place in a centralized location.

Reduced complexity

The iqs module technology makes your FMEAs clearer and significantly less complex. Changes and additions are centrally maintained in the modules and are automatically transferred to all derived FMEAs.

Knowledge and methodology are applied at a central point. Changes and additions are consequently introduced in all derived FMEAs.

Reusable knowledge

iqs FMEA modules are stored on the iqs database in a structured manner and are easily reused. This way you build up a knowledge base that can be utilized throughout the company.

The process knowledge within your company becomes structured and can be reused by saving it on the database.

Time saving

iqs FMEA modules enable you to save considerable time when creating and processing FMEAs with similar parts and processes.

Top mark for iqs in FMEA benchmark

The iqs FMEA is not only convincing our customers but also impressed FMEA software benchmark in the latest issue of the German magazine FMEA KONKRET where iqs was described as the most efficient module among the CAQ providers.

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