Implement Ford CSR easily with iqs FMEA

OEMs such as BMW and Ford are increasingly demanding the use of professional FMEA software from their suppliers. With iqs FMEA, you benefit from a clever tool that collects all experience from your development and production and makes it available to the entire company as a powerful knowledge store.

We show you how to reliably implement the new Ford CSR requirements!

This information is available as a free download:

  • Full recording of our webinar on Ford CSR's manufacturer-specific innovations to FMEA.
  • Handout in practical PDF format with the most important specifications and additions to the FMEA requirements
  • Additional information on how to work more efficiently with iqs FMEA and reliably comply with Ford's specifications

The Ford CSR to the FMEA at a glance:

  • Use of FMEA software
  • Creation of so-called Foundation FMEA
  • Constant reconciliation of Foundation FMEA, Parts FMEA, Control Plan and other applicable documents
  • Reverse FMEA
  • Implementation of all new requirements to Ford suppliers already by the end of 2022

How to work more efficiently with iqs FMEA:

Foundation-FMEAs – cleverly prepared with iqs building block technology: Adjustments and changes for product families as well as similar processes only have to be carried out once in the Foundation FMEA, in order to be transferred fully automatically to all parts FMEAs afterwards. This means that you always keep your FMEAs up to date.

Cleverly networked – networked - consistent manufacturing documents: In the future, maintain information in only one place and still use it in all documents. The linking of the iqs FMEA and iqs Inspection Plan/Control Plan modules enables you to simultaneously edit the Foundation FMEA, Parts FMEAs, work instructions and control plans. In this way, you ensure consistency and freedom from errors.

FMEA as knowledge base - Reverse FMEA cyclic Reveiws of your existing FMEA:
An FMEA is often created only to fulfill a customer requirement. Thus, the FMEA becomes a "dead document", the potential of the FMEA as a database-supported, structured and company-wide usable knowledge base is given away. The starting point for a reverse FMEA can be the consideration of audit results, evaluations with a focus on failure analyses or internal and external complaints.

Alignment with reality - problem solving process: Documentation of problem solving in Foundation FMEA and Part FMEAs. The direct feedback of a defect from the complaint into the FMEA as well as the possibility to report new defects to the FMEA creates the direct alignment with reality.

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