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iqs ISIR
Initial Sample
Inspection Report

The ideal companion to SupplyOn online initial sampling

Bosch eISIR

Make your initial sampling for Bosch easier and quicker with iqs ISIR.

The iqs ISIR offers clear advantages against pure processing via the internet:

Independent of internet speed
via offline processing.

Connection to all common
co-ordinate measuring machines
(Zeiss, Mahr, Wenzel, Mitutoyo)

Export of characteristics via
creation of measuring programs

Data transfer from electronic
inspection equipment.

Statistical evaluations with
the ability to connect to qs-STAT

Data locally available for
all sample statuses.
History clear to see.

Interim status for
tool correction.

Drawing changes
quickly recognisable.

Integrated action

Comprehensive support
and service.

OAdditional options:

  • Companywide editing of inspection plans and drawings (viewer, web browser and tablet)
  • Transfer of characteristics in SAP/ R/3 inspection planning.

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