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Complete Initial Sampling via web browser

Communication cannot be more direct than this. With the ISIR portal solution from iqs Software GmbH, all initial sampling processes and data transfers between customer and supplier are optimised down to the last detail. New is the ability for customers to create the initial report directly in the web portal.  Thus both customers and suppliers no longer need to have the software installed on their PCs in order to process the initial sample inspection report as all processes and applications are available online via the central web installation. As a result the integration of external service providers is significantly simplified for the customer.   This is especially important within the highly competitive automotive supplier market where both customers and suppliers need to react flexibly.

Suppliers too profit from the diversification of technical possibilities offered by the iqs ISIR portal solution.  More than 30 different measuring machine protocols can be automatically imported into the web portal. This saves time and money whilst minimising error rates.

For many years iqs has been offering the processing of initial sampling via the internet with great success. The initial sample inspection report (ISIR) is created by the customer online in the ISIR portal so that the supplier can work on it directly via the internet. Processing can take place from any computer with a valid internet connection. The greatest advantage in comparison to other CAQ system providers is the close integration of the stamped drawing which is interactively linked to the initial sample inspection report (ISIR) with iqs. As a result the paperless processing of ISIRs between customers and suppliers is incomparably faster than other software solutions on the market.

For many years iqs has been one of the market leaders in CAQ systems counting numerous medium sized businesses alongside renowned global players within its customer base.

Once again this year iqs will be presenting these new features and additional highlights at the Control Trade Fair from the 26th to the 29th April in Stuttgart. You can find further information here.

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