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iqs Partner Portal for quality management

The relationship of a business with its suppliers with regard to reliability and quality of the bought in parts continues to have greater meaning and therefore a professional communications culture between both business partners is priceless. With the iqs partner portal for quality management, iqs Software GmbH has now established a web based communications platform targeted to the needs of collaboration between customer and supplier helping to make relevant quality processes more transparent and efficient.

A large number of iqs customers already successfully use the portal solution for initial sampling with suppliers. Now the spectrum has been expanded so that alongside initial sampling; complaints management, quality planning, audits, tooling information and supplier evaluation are all supported. Defined actions covering all modules can be exchanged and processed by partners.

Customers and suppliers work in a central system with identical data. All information from both partners is up to date and visible to both sides. Automation of the communication process reduces the day to day workload. Data can be directly transferred from the partners CAQ system. Duplicate recording of data is no longer necessary and via this improved targeted communication is the availability of bought in parts guaranteed.

The portal solution from iqs doesn’t just relate to document exchange but rather locks together the quality processes of customer and supplier. Both sides profit from synergy effects and clearer efficiency. Effort is minimised, costs reduced, planning becomes more efficient, production is leaner and errors are reduced.


iqs Partner Portal for quality management

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