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Quality campaign

iqs Software GmbH and Q-DAS GmbH & Co. KG enter into a cooperation!

To optimise an industrial manufacturing process and guarantee the faultless quality of the end product, you need a multitude of planning and inspection modules to accompany the product development and manufacture, which in today’s climate is unthinkable without a comprehensive quality management. The goal of a modern CAQ must be to take these modules, which on their own serve as a quality assurance, and bind them together through a control loop. Thereby when planning specifications are put into practice, new technologies occur, which in turn enables the optimisation of the process. Even modules for operative levels, such as the production accompanying inspection (SPC) should be integrated in this control loop. The statistical view of the process enables important conclusions for inspection planning to be drawn and brings clear added value to the business.

The cooperation between QDAS and iqs offers you a preventative quality management system with statistical evaluation at the highest level. The products from iqs map and model all quality relevant processes and link them in one central database. Through the link up to QDAS Software, the CAQ system profits from competent statistical know-how. This broad product spectrum which reflects the highest quality requirements is only possible through both firms continuing to concentrate on their strengths. You will not find another offer like it on the marketplace.

Profit from the win-win situation!

For further information go to www.quality-campaign.com

Quality Campaign - 2 Partners, 1 Solution - iqs and Q-DAS®

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