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The latest iqs FMEA version

The iqs FMEA recognises potential risks and the necessary actions before they occur. The iqs FMEA can be seen as a profit earner when its additional functions are used for failure prevention.

The database structure offers clear synergies between FMEAs, inspection plans, complaints and action management.  The quality control loop is effectively closed.

The building block technology has always helped to create and administer FMEAs.  Now we can offer a new type of building block which relates to all product family-wide characteristic groups.

A new rule wizard checks, when creating an FMEA, that all necessary data is available and consistent. Within the System FEMA, the new system element “connection type” enables interfaces to be taken into account whose individual components need to be taken into account in the FMEA e.g welding seams, glued seams.

The integrated risk matrix with 3D traffic light feature assesses the implication of errors in terms of probability of it occurring and the potential extent of loses and damages.

The interplay between the FMEA and inspection plan ensures that when a detection action is added in the FMEA then the corresponding inspection plan is added at the same time in the inspection plan module. You can then allocate as many FMEA product characteristic functions with the same cause as you wish. The end result is a lean inspection plan which ensures all characteristics are checked.

In the new web app, all actions from the iqs CAQ modules can be seen via tablet or smartphone. This means actions added in the FMEA can be accessed wherever and whenever needed.

IQS FEMA Software

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