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iqs Software GmbH
Erlenstraße 13c
DE-77815 Bühl (Baden)
Tel: +49 7223 28148-0
Fax: +49 7223 28148-100

we have moved

iqs Software's headquarters have moved to the Bühl Industrial zone "Froschbächle".

iqs develops software for computer aided quality management (CAQ). The software company is one of the market leaders within the german speaking world. Strong demand for CAQ Software has once again been reflected in the growth of iqs. Through the continuous growth of our development, support and marketing departments, our employee numbers have risen to over 40. With that number we had reached the capacity limits of our offices in Baden Baden.

As of March 2012, iqs’ headquarters are now in the north baden town of Bühl. With a modern and large company building, the company has more place for the different departments. For our customers, we have also build a modern, high tech training center for their needs.

The new company headquarters also gives us the opportunity to increase our personnel numbers especially in development. We are looking to train many more qualified IT specialists in the near future.

All of our new contact details can be found here.

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