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Well equipped for the future with iqs

In the field of quality management, the increasing use of sensor networks means that large quantities of test and measurement data are being stored, whose storage and processing is one of the major challenges of the future - Big Data is on everyone's lips. "With our new version of iqs QualityCenter 6.5, we are  very well prepared," said Dr. Siegfried Schmalz, Managing Director of iqs Software GmbH. Unlike other providers of CAQ systems, iqs also works with NoSQL, that is, with non-relational databases, which make handling large amounts of data possible.

In addition, the new version, which iqs will present at this year's Control, provides many answers to current questions and user requirements:

  • In future, the iqs Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) – already industry leader thanks to its direct connection to the CAD drawing as well as to all electronic measuring devices – allows  direct sampling from 3D models, without detouring via 2D drawings. This feature offers great time-related and metrological advantages. Improved visualization also facilitates easier communication between customer and supplier.

  • Synchronization possibilities using tablets and smartphones allow, for example, to remain mobile during audits and at the same time access crucial data in offline mode.

  • With the new module of iqs Competence Management (KM), the BadenWürttemberg software company provides the answer to the revised version ISO 9001: 2015, which focuses on the importance of knowledge: iqs KM makes qualifications and training requirements of the employees available at all times.

iqs Software GmbH is one of the leading CAQ vendors for more than 20 years. iqs is particularly valued in industry for its comprehensive error management: consistent search for error causes and their sustained prevention is the highest priority of the software manufacturer. At the center of the error management is an FMEA, which is active throughout the entire product cycle, which, like all other individual modules, is firmly integrated into the iqs CAQ system. All modules access identical data, which means that the information in various modules is always consistent. Experience has shown that large international corporations as well as small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, have been able to significantly reduce their quality costs by a two-digit percentage rate when using the iqs software.

At this year's Control, taking place from 9 - 12 May in Stuttgart (Hall 3, Stand 3416), iqs Software GmbH will present these new features and other highlights.

You can find further information about Control 2017 as well as arrange a meeting here.

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