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TeamViewer Disclaimer

We also offer support directly on your PC. For this purpose, you make an appointment with us, where we conduct an online session together with you.

With the help of the TeamViewer QuickSupport software, a support employee can directly view your screen at your request. This enables our staff to provide you with even more convenient and better support in the event of questions and problems. The security during the connection to TeamViewer is secured via modern cryptographic encryption methods. A password is also generated for each session.

You are about to establish a joint remote PC session with a support employee of iqs Software GmbH.

Note: By starting the TeamViewer software you accept the disclaimer when using TeamViewer.

iqs Software GmbH does not assume any warranty for the programs installed on your computer, as well as their protective devices (virus scanner or firewall). The customer is solely responsible for his data security, regular backups are assumed by us.

Liability on the part of iqs is limited to intent and gross negligence. iqs Software GmbH shall not be liable for malfunctions not caused by it, even if they are in temporal proximity to the support provided.

By clicking the buttons you confirm your acceptance of the online support agreement and start the download of the TeamViewer QuickSupport software.